How To Stay Cool On Your Commute

Being stuck in traffic is never fun, but it's especially a burden if you're stuck in a hot car. If you have the goal of staying cool and refreshed during your summer commute, read on to find out about some tactics to use.

Check on Auto AC Functioning

Before the summer hits, consider getting an inspection by a certified auto AC specialist. There are probably things they can do to make your air conditioner more efficient right off the bat. That might be simply replacing cooling fluids, or it might involve replacing air filters that are blocking ventilation, or you might need to replace a motor to get better cooling. Auto AC specialists use standard metrics to test whether the air conditioner is getting cool enough, and how long it takes to cool the car. If your car doesn't fall within the expected range, repairs are suggested.

Recycle Air Through the Vehicle

Another tip is to recycle air through your vehicle rather than bringing in air from outside. If the air in your car is already cooled, it will make it that much more efficient for your air conditioner to recirculate cool air through your car. This method is especially important if you have a weak auto AC system.

Use Water to Cool Down

Water is a handy way to further the efforts of your AC system. Have a water bottle and cool towel on hand. Moist towelettes work well too. If you make your skin moist, you will feel the effects of the air conditioner much more strongly. And it's often refreshing to wipe away sweat on a hot car ride.

Stay Hydrated

When you are properly hydrated, it gives your body the materials it needs to regulate your temperature easily. Think about keeping bottled water in your car and sipping it throughout your commute.

Shield the Vehicle from UV Rays

UV rays are a big culprit in heating your car in the first place. By shielding your car from unwanted UV rays, you will start your morning commute with a cooler vehicle whose temperature is easier to maintain. One way to shield UV rays is to get car window tinting that blocks out a lot of sunshine. A windshield cover is another acceptable solution that's more affordable (and quicker to get up and running), although you will not get quite the same benefits as with car window tinting.