4 Types of Businesses That Can Benefit from a Car Magnet

A car magnet is a magnet that is designed to your exact specifications and attaches magnetically to the side of your vehicle. A car magnet can be really simple and contain basic text information, or a car magnet can be large, full color, and even contain images. Car magnets are a great form of advertising that can provide numerous benefits.

Business #1: Landscaping Business

If you have a truck that you drive around and use to haul all of your landscaping equipment with you to each job, get the most out of your truck by creating a car magnet to advertise your landscaping service. Your landscaping magnet doesn't have to be complicated; the name of your landscaping business, a phone number, and a website, if you have one, is more than enough information. You'll want to put a magnet on both sides of your vehicle, so that way no matter how you are parked, someone can see your information.

This can help you pick up business from potential customers that drive by, see your landscaping work, and want to hire you. With your contact information right on your truck, you'll make it easy for them to get in touch with you.

Business #2: Roofing Business

If you have a truck or van that you bring to all of your roofing jobs with your equipment, make sure you have a magnet on your vehicle. When you are doing a roofing job, people that drive by can see the work you are doing, and someone who needs work done on their roof may just take down your name and number if it is easy for them to see. A magnet on your work vehicles is just one way to increase the number of roofing jobs you have access to.

Business #3: Insurance Business

If you sell insurance, you are selling a product that almost everyone needs. Most people carry some type of insurance, be it vehicle insurance, renter's insurance, life insurance, or another form of insurance. If you run your own insurance agency, advertising your business is one way to attract the attention of potential customers, and it is a great way to help increase the visibility of your business.

Business #4: Restaurant

A car magnet can be great for a business that has a stable location, such as a restaurant. The point of a car magnet is to increase awareness of your business. You can create a car magnet that contains the name of your restaurant, the location, and perhaps a picture of some of the food you sell at the restaurant or a picture of the restaurant itself. If you have any long-going specials, such as happy hour, you could add that information as well. A restaurant magnet will help increase awareness of your restaurant, and could even help bring in some new customers.

Car magnets are an affordable way to advertise your business and potentially bring in new customers within the area where you drive on a regular basis. If you have a local business, consider investing some of your advertising budget into a car magnet.