What Your Need to Know When Replacing the Factory Radio in Your Car

Almost every car on the market today comes with some type of stereo system in it. While the factory systems are getting better all the time, replacing the factory system with an aftermarket stereo may mean dealing with more than just the stereo head unit. Car stereo installation in a newer car is a little more challenging, but some accessories make that easier, especially if you hire a professional to do the work.

Head Units

The stereo in the dash is called a head unit, and it is the part of the system that people often want to change. Adding a new stereo with more features and more power output is not uncommon, but car stereo installation sometimes means more than installing a new head unit. 

When you are considering a new stereo system, you need to decide if you will change the speakers as well. If you are not planning too, you need to check the speakers' power capacity so you do not damage them with a high-powered stereo head unit. If the system puts out too much power, the factory speakers will tear and start to sound bad, so you may want to replace them before that happens.

Speaker Options

If the speakers in your car are high-quality factory speakers from a major manufacturer, you may be able to keep them with the stereo upgrade. If they are not, you need to consider replacements with a high enough wattage range to work with the rest of the system. Too much power will damage the speakers, but too little power can also make the speakers sound bad, so pick your components and then match the speakers to the rest of the system that you are installing in your car for best performance. 

Adding Amplifiers

Part of your car stereo installation may include installing an amplifier to the system. The amp adds additional power to the system to make it louder or provide power for large speakers like bass subwoofers. Because these speakers are so large, they require a lot of power to make them work properly, and the amplifier can be installed so that it only powers those speakers, or it can be used to add power to the entire system.

Professional Installation

If you have a professional handle your car stereo installation, it is good to discuss the speakers and amplifier needs with them before starting the installation. Because the car stereo installation involves taking a lot of the interior apart in your car, planning the entire system out before the work begins allows you to get all the parts together and only have to take the car apart one time.