Using Car Magnets To Advertise Your Business

If you have your own business, advertising is needed in order to gain new customer sales. Using your vehicle to help you advertise can be a huge help in getting the word out about the wares or services you offer. Here are some of the benefits car magnets can give you over other forms of vehicle advertising. Custom-Made Car magnets are custom-made to fit whatever specifications you desire. If you decide down the road that you want to change the name of your company or if you select a new company logo, you can switch to new car magnets without altering your vehicle in any way.

Windows Always Foggy? Make Your Own Anti-Fog Solution

Sometimes, your defrost button in your car just doesn't cut it. If your defrost button isn't working or isn't getting the job done, try out one of the anti-fog solutions listed below. Before you hit the road, for the safety of yourself and other drivers, it is important that you can see where you are going. Clean Your Windows On A Regular Basis Make sure you clean your window every couple of weeks.

What To Do When The Check Engine Light Comes On, And What It Might Mean

There are few things that strike more fear into the heart of a conscientious driver than the ominous 'check engine' light. Since it tells you nothing about what the problem is, do you need to pull over on the highway and call a tow truck? Or can you get to a service station? And what does it mean, anyway? If your car hasn't stalled and isn't smoking, it is probably safe to drive it to the nearest service station or auto parts store.